The Institute of the Brothers of St. Gabriel owns the Casa San Gabriele guest house, which welcomes visitors and pilgrims in a part of the Generalate building. This guest house has thirty-four rooms. The guests can also make use of the parking lot for their cars and buses. There is a spacious park where they can have a stroll or relax.

The Casa San Gabriele, which is very easy to reach, is situated in the north-eastern corner of Rome. “Casa San Gabriele” is situated in the countryside in the urban periphery. It has a clean and relaxing environment. It is recognized by the Commune of Rome under Casa per Ferie for temporary accommodation of individuals, families or groups.

The Casa San Gabriele has been renovated and restored to meet the high comfort and security standards and has also been equipped to meet all technological needs, while respecting the Gabrielite mores and spirit.

The Casa per Ferie “Casa San Gabriele” participates in the mission of the Institute of Brothers of St. Gabriel in the Church. It emphasizes the promotion of social tourism, culture and religion.

Guests will find an atmosphere of peace and serenity in the respect of human, moral and Christian values. A relationship of sympathy and cordiality is kept up. Guests who wish to receive help for their stay in Rome will find Casa San Gabriele rewarding, in terms of cultural or spiritual values